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VARAVintage Auto Racing Association
VARAVisual Artists' Rights Act of 1990
VARAVermont Alpine Racing Association (Cavendish, VT)
VARAVictor Amateur Radio Association
VARAVereniging Arbeiders Radio Amateurs
VARAVoluntary Association for Rehabilitation of Afghan
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By all standards this project was a real challenge for SRSP as they wanted to reach out to the women like Gul Vara who were caught in the vicious circle of poverty.
protecting artists' rights and argues that VARA works to the
If no waiver is in place, an owner would be wise to follow VARA's requirements for removal.
On the outside, Vara Rainbow evokes a luxurious look, featuring a linear silhouette and sharp attention to detail.
VARA's right of integrity first grants an artist the broad power to "prevent any intentional distortion, mutilation, or other modification of th[e] work which would be prejudicial to [the artist's] honor or reputation." (17) For works of "recognized stature," artists are granted an additional right to enjoin "any intentional or grossly negligent destruction" of the work.
Although the applicability of VARA does not depend on whether the work at issue is made part of a building (for example, VARA has been used to prevent the alteration of an art installation in a museum),
VARA comprises the basic rights of attribution and integrity.
Vara was later stopped and as police could see him "hurriedly getting rid of texts" on his mobile phone.
Ahmedabad: The UK Minister of Courts and Legal Aid Shailesh Vara on Wednesday said he has initiated a debate with his Indian counterpart on the need to open up India's legal system for international law firms.
Justice Minister Shailesh Vara said: "It is in everyone's interest to avoid drawn out disputes which emotionally damage workers and financially damage businesses.
Kam Vara, divisional leader at Katie Bard, based on Waterloo Street, Birmingham, said: "Issues around confidential agreements and settlements are certainly much more commonplace in the workplace now than they were in years gone by so it is vital businesses and employees know where they stand, especially in light of new legislation.
His donations are essential to their survival," said Wendy Vara of the American Red Cross.