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VARAVermont Alpine Racing Association (Cavendish, VT)
VARAVereniging Arbeiders Radio Amateurs
VARAVoluntary Association for Rehabilitation of Afghan
VARAVisual Artists' Rights Act of 1990
VARAVintage Auto Racing Association
VARAVictor Amateur Radio Association
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23) And yet it is control over those critical contextual elements, arguably the most critical elements of contemporary works, that VARA explicitly denies to contemporary artists.
In perhaps the most widely publicized VARA case ever (which inspired the above hypothetical), the judge found that there was a possibility that the exterior aerosol art (i.
Had VARA then been in effect, the outcome likely would have been the same because Serra had waived his right of integrity.
Balbir Singh, defending, said Vara had turned to drugs and alcohol after reaching a low ebb and that he became a dealer after getting into debt with his supplier.
La peculiaridad de los enforros de los jubones se encuentra en que en cada prenda se combinan diferentes tipos de lienzos: olanda (a 50 maravedis la vara) en una cantidad de 4 varas por prenda, 6 varas de bretana basta para estofas (a 10 maravedis la vara), y en menor proporcion, una vara y media, lienzo de la tierra (a 28 maravedis la vara), o excepcionalmente bretana.
Arco Vara has been looking into options to exit the venture for over a year now, it said, adding the divestment would not affect its financial position and performance.
La Vara is the newest venture for Raij and her husband, Eder Montero, who co-own two Spanish restaurants in Manhattan, the tapas bar El Quinto Pino and the Basque-inspired Txikito.
This Note argues that VARA protection should not be extended to unfinished works and that the definition of "creation" utilized by the Copyright Act is not an appropriate standard for determining when works are eligible for coverage under VARA.
Vara, el homenajeado, mostro su satisfaccion por el galardon obtenido, principalmente por sus raices hispanas.
William Burgess, CEO of Produce World said: "We were delighted to welcome Shailesh Vara MP to open Produce World's new Head Office.
At each juncture, this article will focus primarily on arguments that could prevent all or substantially all electronic visual works from VARA protection because even a few successful claims can lead to substantial costs for the proprietors of these online communities.