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According to MBh 3,277,32, Asvapati asks Savitri to find a husband "equal to herself" (sadrsam atmanah) as no wooer is forthcoming, but according to the SkandaPurana (7,166,16), Asvapathi says that however much he looks, he cannot find for his daughter a bridegroom who in worth is equal to himself (vicarayan na pasyami varam tulyam ihatmanah).
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My translation of var 24: 23:3 is based on the textual commentary of Vir Singh in his edition of the vars of Bhai Gurdas, Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji di Kunji, Arthat Varam Bhai Gurdas (Amritsar: Khalsa Samachar, 1984), 386-87.
82 Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji di Kunji: 41 Varam Prayavam samet Bhai Gurdas Ji 8: 8:3 (Amritsar, Bhai Chatar Singh Jivan Singh, 1981), 64 (hereafter Varam Bhai Gurdas).
These single lines may be seen in the section assigned to gurus' shaloks, surplus to the vars or ballads (salok varam te vadhik).
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