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VARIESValues and Religion in European Societies (Pan-European research project)
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It varies in price; and when it's particularly seductive you may swear it comes from Paris.
Nicholas varies the Monotony of Dothebys Hall by a most vigorous and remarkable proceeding, which leads to Consequences of some Importance
The thickness of the wall of the tube varies from a thirtieth to a twentieth of an inch, and occasionally even equals a tenth.
The particular laws are as our points of view, as, to the traveller, a mountain outline varies with every step, and it has an infinite number of profiles, though absolutely but one form.
The character and duration of this enthusiasm varies with the state of the individual, from an ecstasy and trance and prophetic inspiration,--which is its rarer appearance,--to the faintest glow of virtuous emotion, in which form it warms, like our household fires, all the families and associations of men, and makes society possible.
That is to say if we suppose that A is the event remembered, B the remembering, and t the interval of time between A and B, there must be some characteristic of B which is capable of degrees, and which, in accurately dated memories, varies as t varies.
org Deadline: October 2, 2006 Number awarded: The number NFAA ARTS awards varies each year.
Figure 7 shows how much this varies, assuming no lateral deformation, which does occur in the real situation.
Nonetheless, the absorption evidence gathered so far from two quasars isn't strong enough to prove that mu varies, say members of the team and other scientists.
If the machine is not expected to lift at maximum reach, or the density varies widely, consider those factors when sizing the work tool.
Capitated revenue varies by number of patients in plan and premium per month.
In the first instance, the model ties down a priori the long-run response of investment to a change in the real rate of interest: The capital stock and, consequently, long-run investment rise by 1 percent for a 1 percent decline in the cost of capital (based on an estimated elasticity of substitution equal to one); and the percentage decline in the cost of capital for a given percentage decline in the rate of interest varies inversely with the depreciation rate of capital.