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VARIESVacuum to Antimatter-Rocket Interstellar Explorer System (interstellar voyages)
VARIESValues and Religion in European Societies (Pan-European research project)
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com (501) 614-9030 Minimum charge per person: Varies Maximum number of people able to cater: Varies
Number awarded: 75 in 2006, varies per year Scholarship money pays for: YAGP awards over $150,000 annually in scholarships to leading dance schools worldwide.
If dark energy's density varies, it could either increase in strength and rip the universe apart, or it could fade away.
When the forces vary, the amount of stretch varies, resulting in the roll gap varying, and this causes the gum wall gauge to vary.
The availability of assistantships varies by program, but of the responding programs 79% provide all doctoral students with assistantships (see exhibit 3, page 56).
The interest rate on extensions to pay varies from 0% to 15%.
Horizontal variations across a single mold and up and down the vertical walls provide a "picture" of the mold compaction gradient, which varies primarily with the molding process used as well as with pattern shape and complexity, flask wall friction, etc.
Deadline: 09-01-04; Number Awarded: Varies For classes at The Conservatory of Classical Ballet
In mere weeks, the jet, which contains bright blobs flying out at half the sped of light, varies from being straight to hook-shaped.
For example, the type A spring force varies from 0.
Current practice regarding materiality in government audits under generally accepted auditing standards, Government Auditing Standards (the yellow book) and the Single Audit Act of 1984 varies widely.