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VARIESVacuum to Antimatter-Rocket Interstellar Explorer System (interstellar voyages)
VARIESValues and Religion in European Societies (Pan-European research project)
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8121 Cantrell Road, Little Rock (501) 614-9030 Minimum charge per person: Varies Maximum number of people able to cater: Varies
Impromptu entertainment varies, from the occasional streaker to terrier, camel or jockeys' running races when firm ground keeps the horses at home.
Number awarded: 75 in 2006, varies per year Scholarship money pays for: YAGP awards over $150,000 annually in scholarships to leading dance schools worldwide.
If the machine is not expected to lift at maximum reach, or the density varies widely, consider those factors when sizing the work tool.
The book does not ask, however, whether this difference is the same in all countries or whether it varies in some systematic pattern.
Application: The effectiveness of cationic dispersed rosin sizes varies with process conditions and the modification of the rosin used in the size product.
Prerequisites: Previous level earned - ages varies by state.
The cleaning procedure varies depending on the design of the mixer but it generally includes removal of the sand!
While [[beta].sub.1] and [[beta].sub.2] are assumed constant across cities, [[gamma].sub.1,city] varies from city to city as the relationship between Z and X varies from city to city.
The incidence rate for boys varies from 150 to 200 per 100,000 prior to age 5, and increasing to 400 per 100,000 at age 15; while the incidence rate for girls varies from 100 to 170 per 100,000 prior to age 5, and increasing to 300 per 100,000 at age 15 (Batchelor & Dean, 1996).
Nordin points out that the amount of calcium needed "varies not only from individual to individual, but from culture to culture" so that there can be no single, universal calcium requirement.