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VARKVisual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic (learning styles)
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VARK Questionnaire version 7.0 to assess learning style was floated to two hundred and sixty (260), participants who consented to participate in the study during their regular classes with the consent of the teachers (about 1/3rd of the total population).
The VARK questionnaire (version 7), was administered to one hundred and thirty respondents out of which one hundred and two were males and twenty-eight were females.
In conclusion, using the Fleming's validated questionnaire of VARK, this study showed in sensory modality the most widely recognized was kinesthetic.
VARK and ASSIST questionnaires were downloaded from and, respectively.
Guzel sanatlar bolumunde okuyan ogrenciler uzerinde VARK Ogrenme Tercihleri Envanterini kullanarak yapilan bir calismada, bolumler arasi farkliligin ve sinif duzeylerinin ogrencilerin ogrenme stillerini etkiledigi, cinsiyetin ise bir etkisinin bulunmadigi belirtilmektedir (4).
Large platters of 'halwas' adorned with silver vark and crushed nuts can be seen in eateries in markets with some having decorated their display windows with the traditional winter delights and others displaying their wares out on the street.
VARK (an acronym for visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic, different way of learning styles) is a learning inventory belongs to the "instructional preference" modal which differentiates students by the way in which they best acquire information.
Using VARK to assess changes in learning preferences of nursing students at a public university in Jordan: Implications for teaching.
Khajavikhan et al., "Using VARK approach for assessing preferred learning styles of first year medical sciences students: a survey from Iran," Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, vol.