VARMVulnerability Assessment/Risk Management
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Artist and designer Ricardo Barrera has been creating ethnic designs using colors and motifs from Central America for Ceramica Varm LLC for over 10 years.
The young girl goes on to describe her lover, with effective harmonic color changes throughout, on the words "varm" (warm) and "harlig och stark" (splendid and strong).
Ceramic Varm went over the top with their introduction of an on-trend design of gold-accented tableware.
Designer Ron DeSantis and Ceramica VARM have been licensed by the Uniformed Firefighters Association of New York City to produce The Maltese Cross Memorial Plate as a tribute to honor 343 of New York City's Bravest Firefighters who were lost on September 11th.
Both Caleca and Ceramica Varm bring Italy home with their new renditions of the traditional blue, yellow, and white combination.
Ceramica Varm is accenting the table with Hide The Hens, a notable three-piece story comprised of a large bowl, a pasta dish, and a dinner plate.
"Robert Gordon of Australia has bright and cheerful patterns to dress up a spring table, and Ceramica Varm of Italy always has nice introductions in Tuscan shades and styles.
Churchill, Sakura, Cerutil, and Ceramica Varm are a few of the companies now in Halls 9.2 and 9.3.