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VARMAValeur d'Activité Résiduelle Modélisée Acceptable (French: Modelled Value of Residual Activity Acceptable; nuclear power regulation)
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Varma, 39, failed to co-operate with the receivers, KPMG, who were called in by the bank.
Varma comes to the Glendale-based subsidiary of Cigna HealthCare from CareAmerica Health Plans, where he was vice president of finance.
Varma began his career as an AD for some of the most well-known directors in the Indian feature film industry.
Designer Suneet Varma gave a poetic end to the evening through his collection inspired by the poetry written by his mother, Indira Varma.
Varma alleged that he along with other members of Telangana lawyers Joint Action Committee were attacked and beaten up by the minister and his henchmen on January 17.
So to her credit we decided to pick out 25 people who I have worked with quiet closely over 25 years, who actually helped me, encouraged me and helped me build my career and a lot of those 25 people are present here today, so thank you very much for that," Varma added.
Despite the flimsy plotting, Varma succeeds in keeping you on the edge during the first half of the film by relying on old tricks like an eardrum-splitting background score and some crazy camera angles.
Anoop Soma Varma was delighted with his prize - a trip to Rome -and feat - eating a 12-inch pizza in 64 seconds
Tomkins hopes to explore other avenues in racing, while Varma has been appointed a trainee clerk of the course with Jockey Club Racecourses.
Mr Varma said there will be further arrests in connection with Scarlett's death.