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VAROVeterans Administration Regional Office (now Veterans Affairs Regional Office)
VAROVeterans Affairs Regional Office
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Argos and Varo Energy will be integrated into one enlarged Varo Energy Group.
Varo Giles DSL [TEXT NOT REPRODUSIBLE IN ASCII] chu [tsu] chu4 [tsu] tsou [tsu].
Sodra Cell Varo used advanced process control to raise its lime kiln capacity, reduce energy usage, and improve the overall quality of the lime.
To this expansive world, Varo brought knowledge of engineering construction, painstaking attention to detail, a penchant for philosophical discourse, and fascination with alchemy and the occult (3).
Author Paul Varo Martinson gives us a well-written, readable introduction to the major religious traditions of the world.
Barnett also praised Baltimore VARO Director Antione Waller for his forthrightness.
Jon Varo said: "I'm impressed with their efforts and hopefully there's a few things we can improve.
Francisco Varo (1627-1687) was a Spanish Dominican in Fujian from 1649 until his death, and a master of Mandarin.
the "Vocabulario de la Lengua Mandarina," a Spanish-Guanhua dictionary compiled by the Dominican missionary Francisco Varo (1627-1687).
The idiosyncratic and evocative work of Remedios Varo (1908-63) constitutes a superb but little-recognized episode in the history of Surrealism.
Our successful track record with GoldenGate allowed us to start optimizing 32 nm RF IP designs early in our technology development cycle with a comprehensive AMS/RF Physical Design Kit and CAD solution," said Vincent Varo, CMOS and derivative process design kit manager, Technology R&D, STMicroelectronics.
Her report determined that Philadelphia VARO Director Diana Rubens and St.