VAROMVoluntary Active Range of Motion
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"Nyar" Szomjasan vagyva varom a szellAt, A kek egharang vakit felettem.
For example, the fact that in Hungarian the form of the objective conjugation, varo-m 'I expect him', coincides with the nominal possessive form, karo-m 'my arm', and kere-d 'you pray him' with vere-d 'your blood', is a feature remarkable in itself, but the similarity of the objective verbal form and the nominal possessive form should not obscure the fact that only varom and kered can construct finite assertions, and not karom or vered, and that this is enough to distinguish forms that are verbal from those which are not.
Far West, third on his only start at Auteuil, is seen as more of a future chaser, but recent arrival Varom may be more forward, having won an allweather bumper in the Provinces on his only start.