VARTMVacuum-Assisted Resin Transfer Molding
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Engineer Van Voorst Bastiaan, a senior member of PUM, covered the vacuum assisted processes such as VARTM and LRI, both theoretically and practically.
In this study, the VARTM process was selected among polymer processing and composite manufacturing methods because the process takes advantage of a vacuum for resin infusion and contains many sites for the heterogeneous nucleation at the tool and fiber surface.
The hydroxyl hyperbranched polymers have been shown to increase the viscosity of blends cured by diaminodiphenylsulfone up to values that allow for their use in processes like resin film infusion but preclude their use for RTM or VARTM (21).
The much improved blade quality, shorter process cycle times and overall cost savings of VARTM have led to its general adoption by the industry.
The hyperbranched polymers used as epoxy modifiers have been shown to increase the viscosity of the blend up to values that allow for their use in process like resin film infusion (RFI), but precludes their use for RTM or VARTM.
One such technique is the VARTM (vacuum assisted resin transfer molding) process [1].
Tear-resistant, reusable, custom-fit vacuum-infusion molding bags for VARTM processing can be quickly spray formed to net shape with the Sprayomer[TM] Elastomer vacuum-bag system available from Ashland Distribution, a division of Ashland Inc.
The veil can be used for pultrusion, filament winding, press molding, VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding), and other processes, he explains.
announces the commercialization of a new toughened tackifier resin, DuoMod[R] ZT-1, for resin infusion and liquid molding composite systems such as RTM and VARTM.