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VASAVietnamese American Student Association
VASAVending Association of South Africa
VASAValue Added Services Alliance (now defunct)
VASAVisual Arts Students Association
VASAVirginia Administrative Support Association
VASAVisual Approach Slope Indicator
VASAVidriería Argentina Sociedad Anónima
VASAvStorage APIs (Application Programming Interface) for Storage Awareness (computing)
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During endarterectomy of carotid lesions subintimal hemorrhages and intraplaque hemorrhages are frequently seen in the absence of any visible breach in the intima and the inference is that these are derived from vasa vasorum systems rather than from blood in the vessel lumen.
Dada la baja frecuencia de la vasa previa, los retos diagnosticos que representa para el ginecologo y la importancia de tenerla en cuenta dentro del diagnostico del sangrado del segundo y tercer trimestres, se presenta este caso con el objetivo de hacer una revision de la literatura publicada respecto a la exactitud del ultrasonido para su diagnostico, asi como tambien revisar la patogenesis y el pronostico de esta patologia.
The investment in Vasa, which has developed a patent-pending technology to measure fluid flow rates, enhances Molex's capacity to provide medical device and sensor solutions, said Tim Ruff at Molex.
DISCUSSION: Vasa praevia is uncommon, with estimates of prevalence ranging from 1: 1250-1: 2700 (4) Nevertheless, its importance lies in the potential for serious maternal and fetal complications.
In the two-page letter, Vasa said he still plans to implement "in some form" the "goals which we established for this year's teacher contract" in the spring of 2015.
The VASA Trail System is Michigan's premier cross-country trail and offers skiers of all abilities the opportunity to experience professionally groomed trails, exceptional beauty and close proximity to Traverse City.
The naval architect who oversaw the building of the ship managed to escape the investigation by dying before the Vasa was launched and was unavailable for comment.
VASA: (steps between them, trying to put an end to their quarrel) Stop it, aren't you ashamed of yourselves!
In 1961, the Vasa was raised in good condition and, after extensive treatment to stabilize and dry the timbers, was put on display in 1990 at the Vasa Science Museum in Stockholm.
This study of the brothers Johannes Magnus and Olaus Magnus, the last two Roman Catholic archbishops of Uppsala, credits them with a much more prominent role in Swedish history than has been conceded by traditional historiography, which points to the leaders of the Swedish Reformation, King Gustavus Vasa and the Lutheran preacher Olaus Petri, as the ones who set the country on the road to modernity.
Vasa, a world-famous wooden warship that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 and was recovered in 1961, needs work if it is to survive into the future.
Adventitial vasa vasorum are functional endarteries that are normally present on the adventitial side of the arteries [2, 3].