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VASAVietnamese American Student Association
VASAVending Association of South Africa
VASAVisual Arts Students Association
VASAVirginia Administrative Support Association
VASAVisual Approach Slope Indicator
VASAVidriería Argentina Sociedad Anónima
VASAValue Added Services Alliance (now defunct)
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How do you think you might have handled the Vasa situation if you were alive then?
1 -- color) Swedes and Americans join together and dance around the maypole in Vasa Park as part of the June 25 Midsummer festival.
Mel Roseman, Chief Operating Officer of Nexus Nano Electronics, said, "Again, we feel that our partnership with Vasa is and will be successful because we listen to what customers are asking us to do and understanding where other suppliers make mistakes.
1 -- color) Children participate in a three-legged race at Vasa Park in Agoura on Sunday during the 85th annual Swedish American Central Association of Southern California Midsummer Festival.
Hosted by the Vasa Order of Swedish Americans in Thousand Oaks, the event is in celebration of an ancient holiday custom started in Sweden back in 1655.