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VASARIVisual Arts System for Archiving and Retrieval of Images
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Machiavelli copied the poet in his own hand; the text was known to Filippo Strozzi the Younger, who was certainly a sworn enemy of the Medici by the time Vasari wrote; and even perhaps to Leonardo da Vinci.
Vasari Energy produces solar PV systems that give customers energy at costs that are competitive with utility rates.
Vasari seems to record the real-life melancholy of artists in addition to Morto and Andrea.
5-1-6 Building Envelope Requirements for Climate Zones, and the choices offered by Project Vasari.
Vasari, describing one of his works, said, "there is a palm tree, the radiating crown of which is drawn with such marvellous skill that no one without Leonardo's understanding and patience could have done it" (13).
For centuries there was speculation that Vasari may have preserved the great artist's work by building a false wall on which he painted his own battle scene.
MEDICAL-STYLE PROBE Researchers used tiny, medical-style endoscopic probes and other high-tech tools inserted through existing cracks in the outer wall holding the Vasari fresco and took samples of substances.
In his conclusion to Michelangelo's biography, Vasari alludes to his veneration for the austere reformer Savonarola 'whom he had heard preaching in the pulpit'.
In 1563, a new ruler--who wasn't crazy about a mural that honored the previous government--commissioned architect Giorgio Vasari to give the hall a makeover.
In fact, Vasari, the Italian chronicler of Renaissance art, says in his account that Raphael died, in 1520, of a fever brought on by a night of excessive lovemaking with his mistress.
Three times in his expanded edition of the Vite (1568), Giorgio Vasari (1511-74) unequivocally attributes to Jan Stephan van Calcar (ca.
IN this second episode, we discover paintings documented by Giorgio Vasari in his book Lives Of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors And Architects.