VASATVirtual Academy for the Semi-Arid Tropics
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Yanik sonucu cilt butunlugunun bozulmasi, mikroorganizmalarin vucuda girisine; yanik yuzeyinde olusan nekrotik doku ise mikroorganizmalarin uremesi icin vasat olusturarak invaziv enfeksiyonlarin gelismesine neden olabilir (1).
Many studies have indicated that a regular grid in a triangular shape and a sampling density of 1 to 2 samples per hectare is reliable depending on the special variability for the evaluation of soil variability (FRANZEN; PECK, 1995; VASAT et al., 2010; WOLLENHAUPT et al., 1994).
Boruvka L, Mladkova L, Penizek V, Drabek O, Vasat R (2007) Forest soil acidification assessment using principal component analysis and geostatistics.
13 members of Vasat organization were arrested in the southeastern province of Sanliurfa.
Awar, like many Papuan languages, has an SOV order: Mo kan vasat You tree saw S O V
(2) Petr Vasat is a researcher in the department of Local and Regional Studies at the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and an Assistant Professor at the Philosophical faculty, University of Hradec Kralove.
Tenders are invited for Improvement to jambhulphata to jambhul vasat shelawali road, km 0/00 to 4/700, odr 177, under mmrda outer road, taluka kalyan, district thane.
The guest who eats is said to make oblations in himself "with his hand as the sacrificial spoon, at his breath as the sacrificial post (yupa), with the sound of the sacrificial ladle as the sound of vasat" (sruca hastena prane yupe srukkarena vasatkarena: AV 9.6.22).
Period Of Contract: Booking Of 1/4 Transponder On Satellite (Insat 3-C/Gsat-16 For Npcnet(Vasat) Shall Be For The Period Starting From 01-06-2016 To 31-05-2017.