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VASEVariable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
VASEVisual Arts Scholastic Event
VASEVision and Synthetic Environments (laboratory)
VASEVirtual Applications Systems and Environments
VASEVirginia Alliance of State Employees
VASEVHDL AMS Synthesis Environment
VASEVéhicules Axonais Sensibles a l'Evasion (French car club)
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That vase could not contain one of your feet even, and how could your whole body go in?
The wisest thing I can do in my present situation is to suspect everything, even down to a broken vase.
An acquaintance of mine, knowing my curiosity in such matters, has sent me what you see in the vase.
There was no way to get the creature out without breaking the vase, so the Tin Woodman smashed it with his axe and set the little prisoner free.
From the mouth of the vase a plant sprouted, slowly growing before their eyes until it became a beautiful bush, and on the topmost branch appeared the six-leaved clover which Ojo had unfortunately picked.
But when Pavlicheff was mentioned and the general introduced him to Ivan Petrovitch, he had changed his place, and went over nearer to the table; when, it so happened, he took the chair nearest to the beautiful vase, which stood on a pedestal behind him, just about on a level with his elbow.
Here is a new kind of rose, which I found this morning in the garden," said she, choosing a small crimson one from among the flowers in the vase.
Then, all the time, it was in the spill vase in Mrs.
From silver lamps a thin blue smoke is streaming, And golden vases 'mid the feast are gleaming; Now sound the lutes in unison, Within the gates our lives are one.
In the middle stood a little frame containing relics; at the corners were two little orange-trees, and all along the edge were silver candlesticks, porcelain vases containing sun-flowers, lilies, peonies, and tufts of hydrangeas.
Moreover, it is necessary to instruct children in what is useful, not only on account of its being useful in itself, as, for instance, to learn to read, but also as the means of acquiring other different sorts of instruction: thus they should be instructed in painting, not only to prevent their being mistaken in purchasing pictures, or in buying or selling of vases, but rather as it makes [1338b] them judges of the beauties of the human form; for to be always hunting after the profitable ill agrees with great and freeborn souls.
There were vases, and figures of men and animals, and graven platters and bowls, and mosaics of precious gems, and many other things.