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VASHVisitor Aloha Society of Hawaii
VASHVariable Attitude Submersible Hydrofoil (underwater vehicle)
VASHVariable-Angle Slant-Hole Collimator
VASHVeterans Affairs Supportive Housing
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We need a wide selection to help people, not just VASH vouchers and Housing First vouchers but other options as well, engaging property owners in the process.
My friend texted us, saying 'Subway is on fire,' so we wanted to come down and see it and see if it was true," Vash said.
Baloch residents in the UAE and other GCC countries expressed joy after the only Baloch language news channel, Vash News, resumed services after authorities temporarily took it off air.
Murad Bukhsh Khosa, a Baloch working in Abu Dhabi's Ghantoot, said he was addicted to the Baloch-language Vash News, but since Tuesday he had been checking his satellite receiver and the open-air dish to see whether there was a technical problem.
In many non-western cultures, disability is seen as a manifestation of misfortune caused by others (for example witchcraft, sorcery, or evil eye), by oneself or one's ancestors, or by fate, nature, or the will of God (Comfort, 1978; Vash & Crewe, 2004).
Drummer Vash was isolated in a recording room, playing along with headphones live as the whole group did takes of each song.
VASH PBVs attach to specific housing developments or units that are designated to house homeless veterans.
Some participants summarily captured the experience by reporting "it sucks," while others reported positive emotions by engaging in "downward comparisons" (a coping strategy that utilizes comparing others who are worse off than oneself in order to feel more positive about oneself and one's situation; Tennen, McKey & Afflect, 2000) such as they felt blessed because their injury could have been a lot worse (Vash, 1981; Vash & Crewe, 2004).
Tenders are invited for 2014 Project Based VASH Voucher NOFA Phase II
To co-exist with such frustration, it is posited that many of us seek solace in a higher power (Menter, 1993; Nosek & Hughes, 2001; Piedmont, 2001 Vash, 1981, 1994; Vash & Crewe, 2004).
Tenders are invited for County of Orange 2014 Project Based VASH Voucher NOFA.