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VASPVienna Ab-Initio Simulation Package
VASPVasodilator-Stimulated Phosphoprotein
VASPValue Added Service Provider
VASPViação Aérea São Paulo SA (Brazilian airline)
VASPVirginia Academy of School Psychologists
VASPVirtual Application Service Provider
VASPVirtual Analog Switching Point (ITU-T)
VASPValue Added Services Platform
VASPVoice Application Service Provider
VASPVersatile Acoustic Signal Processor
VASPVirtual Access Service Platform (Terabridge)
VASPVertical Application Service Provider
VASPVermont Association of School Psychologists
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Platelet function assays, including the VerifyNow P2Y12, MEA, LTA, TEG, and VASP were used in the recruited studies.
Sweden's NordicDoc has been appointed VASP for Sweden and Denmark, MDS Consultancy is heading up Xerox's Italian resellers, Service2Sales covers the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the Flemish-speaking regions of Belgium, IT-S Co manages the DACH region and TPS holds Spain.
Phonon frequency calculations are performed by the supercell approach with the force constants calculated in the density functional perturbation theory implemented in the VASP code [44].
All methods had intra- and interassay precision <10% among healthy volunteers; and all assays with the exception of VASP flow cytometry had intra- and interassay precision <15% among clopidogrel-treated donors (Table 2).
Although data from these states were consistent with data reported from one of the VASP sites, reporting of varicella-specific data by more states will be critical for ensuring that the impact of the 2-dose varicella vaccine recommendation is fully monitored.
Motorola Global Services professionals will support the modification of its legacy systems such as content downloading system, WAP and LBS (Location Based Service) platforms and the integration of VASP with Shanghai Unicom's existing network environment and its BSS (Business Support Systems).
It is possible that N-WASP, in addition to VASP, can recruit profilin and actin to the surface of Shigella, thereby mediating actin polymerization.
Both LTA and VASP phosphorylation analyses require substantial sample processing and specialized training, and diagnostic cutoff points for these two methods are uncertain, rendering these methods impractical for clinical care.
Motorola Global Services professionals will be supporting the modification of legacy systems such as content downloading system, WAP and LBS platforms and the integration of VASP with the provider's current network environment and BSS.
VASP is a service-creation system, a technology that creates on-demand provisionable services on network infrastructure.
A Brazilian VASP MD-11 veered in front of a KLM Dutch Royal Airlines Boeing 747-B about 12:30 p.
VASP market segments incorporate diverse application sets packaged into integrated solutions