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VATValue Added Tax
VATVirtual Allocation Table (OSTA universal disk format)
VATVirtual Anaesthesia Textbook
VATVoter Assist Terminal (election technology)
VATVérification d'Absence de Tension (French: Verification of the Absence of Voltage; electrical safety)
VATVideo-Audio Tool
VATVolontaire à l'Aide Technique
VATVacuum Air Tube
VATVirtual Address Translation
VATVoice Activated Typewriter
VATVideo Assisted Thoracotomy
VATVertical Angle Theorem
VATVesicle-Associated Transporter (pharmacology)
VATVeritas Amplus et Talio (gaming)
VATValid Accounting Transactions
VATVirtual Arrival Traffic
VATVariable Attenuator
VATVermont Agency of Transportation
VATVehicle Anti-Theft (General Motors)
VATVulnerability Analysis Team
VATVulnerability Assessment Team
VATVentricular Activation Time
VATVodka and Tonic (drink)
VATVinyl Asbestos Tile
VATHoly See (Vatican City, ISO Country code)
VATVoyage Across Technology
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The income from sight tests is only VAT exempted where the primary purpose of a sight test is to care, protect or maintain the health of the patient.
VAT is a consumption tax and the rate is likely to be five per cent across most products, though certain basic food items will be exempt.
Value Added Tax or VAT was introduced to Sri Lankan tax system in 2002.
The formal announcement of the treaty is expected to come in the fourth quarter of 2016, paving the way for the adoption of new VAT regimes by member states, which are expected to take place over a phased period.
TEI acknowledges the existence and importance of the VAT gap and fraud schemes the proposed pilot is intended to address.
However, a number of GCC countries, including Qatar, have already made "substantial progress" on preparing their tax administration systems for VAT and from July 2016 onwards the focus will shift to preparing the business community for VAT, it said.
Even if your business has not yet reached the VAT threshold you may decide to register voluntarily as being VAT registered means you are able to claim back any VAT that you have been charged on purchases made for the business.
So Scotland's annual VAT contribution equates to the UK's monthly average figure of VAT revenue.
The VAT refunded in the last quarter of 2013 amounted to over BGN 1.
Introduced in 1973, VAT is a 20% tax that's charged on most goods and services that VAT-registered businesses provide in the UK.
In cases where the seller retained an interest and granted a subordinate interest to the buyer such as a lease or a sub-lease, HMRC's previous policy was that this did not qualify as a TOGC and, in cases where an option to tax had been exercised by the seller, VAT was due on the transfer at the standard rate.
HM Revenue & Customs is reminding the 1,313 VAT-registered businesses in Huddersfield who still file paper VAT returns that all VAT returns must be submitted online from this spring - meaning paper returns will soon be a thing of the past.