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VATDVirginia Association of Test Directors (Richmond, VA)
VATDVideo-Assisted Thoracoscopic Debridement (surgical procedure)
VATDVermont Associates for Training and Development, Inc. (est. 1983)
VATDVoice Activated Telephone Directory (Sprint)
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The analysis results also showed a significant negative correlation between memory capacity and the VATD on the day before the test date and during the week before the test date [r = -0.176 (95% CI: -0.270, -0.079), r = -0.395 (95% CI: -0.524, -0.237), resp.] (Table 2).
The study results also demonstrated a significant positive correlation between the TSAT and the VATD (meaning that there was a negative correlation between the VATD and attention capacity) on the day before the test date and during the week prior to the test date [r = 0.254 (95% CI: 0.164, 0.351), r = 0.241 (95% CI: 0.091, 0.405), resp.].
Figure 5b shows the transversal temperature profiles measured at different heights in Plane T; the VATD for a seated person is also shown.
The VATD was found acceptable for distances from the diffuser higher than 1.5 m (4.9 ft).
The average thermal comfort index VATD in all monitored classroom in both schools was lower than the maximum acceptable values of VATD < 3 [degrees]C.
The thermal comfort and indoor air quality indices (DR, VATD and CRE) were calculated for up to four measurement locations in classrooms to assess the in-situ performance of the displacement ventilation system.
The best match is achieved with the 6 zone model (case 5) where the ankle temperature is within 0.6 K, occupied temperature within 0.3 K, return temperature within 0.2 K and VATD within 0.8 K (Vertical Air Temperature Difference, ASHRAE Std 55:2004).
The VATD is the temperature difference between the head level (1.7 m above the floor for a standing person) and the ankle level (0.1 m above the floor).