VATEVictorian Association for the Teaching of English (Australia)
VATEVirginia Association of Teachers of English
VATEVersatile Automatic Test Equipment
VATEVersatile Affordable Turbo Engine
VATEValue Added Text Editor
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and this was no doubt a kind of prophecy, for poets are also called vates, that is to say diviners; and its truth was made plain; for since then a famous Andalusian poet has lamented and sung her tears, and another famous and rare poet, a Castilian, has sung her beauty."
"Est Carpathio Neptuni gurgite vates, Caeruleus Proteus,"
They have wanted their sacer vates, having been too solid to rise to the top by themselves, and not having been largely gifted with the talent of catching hold of, and holding on tight to, whatever good things happened to be going--the foundation of the fortunes of so many noble families.
Karachi -- Pakistan Atlas (Pri vate) Limited held its plant inau guration ceremony marking the official start of its commercial production.
A piu di 70 anni dalla morte di Gabriele D'Annunzio, il mito del vate sembra che sopravviva cristallizzato ormai nel canone della letteratura--nonostante prevalga ancora in alcuni ambienti il pregiudizio morale sull'Uomo e questo arrivi talvolta a contare piu del giudizio dell'opera e della valutazione critica dell'arte.
The division has made special efforts to culti vate partnerships with other international defense associations that share similar interests and objectives with NDIA.
In October, John Vande Vate, executive director for Georgia Tech's Executive Masters International Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy (EMIL-SCS) program, served as the opening speaker at The International Logistics & Supply Chain Strategy Summit.
The thematic areas are state machinery; governance institutions and security est ablishment; the economy; social development and national cohesion; public and pr i vate corporate sector; general human development and theoretical and analytical f ramework.
The contracts include F.M coverage for pri- vate radio stations, short wave systems project for Jeddah radio, replacing of six television transmission stations in Al Badaa, Halat Ammar, Horaimela, Sajer, Rabigh and Wadi Faraa, supply and de- livery of high resolution television trans- mission devices, and construction of a cultural center in Madinah.