VATMVerband der Anbieter Von Telekommunikations und Mehrwertdiensten (German)
VATMVietnam Air Traffic Management (Ministry of Transport)
VATMVerband der Anbieter von Telekommunkations und Mehrwertdiensten, IT & Elektro (German: Association of Provider and Value-Added Services for Telecommunications, IT & Electronics)
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The success of VATM to predict the points of the Torque (T)-Twist ([theta]) curve for the ultimate behaviour is understandable, since, for high level of loading, the concrete is extensively cracked.
Speech by Mrs Reding on "Mehr Wettbewerb und mehr Europa fur die Telekommunikations-markte" at MP Evening sponsored by the association of suppliers of telecommunications and value-added services (VATM)
VATM, the association of new German entrants, announced in Brussels on 19 June that building their own network would cost them in the region of 5 billion.
"Deutsche Telekom's main reason is to renew its network in the larger cities where there is already a high percentage of broadband access", claimed VATM at the time.
VATM, an association representing some 50 new operators, points out that Deutsche Telekom has urged the ruling CDU/SPD (right/left) coalition not to regulate broadband services.
VATM claims Deutsche Telekom's sole objective is to update its network in large cities where broadband access is already considerable.
The Chairman discussed issues related to Offshore security and expressed satisfaction over the progress of Online submission of documents for security clearance, establishment of the VATMS (Vessel Air Traffic Management System), Community Interaction Programmes with fishermen and the increased cooperation between security and maritime agencies.