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A few nights ago, some vato decided it would be a good idea to decorate it, and he spray painted a gigantic "MS-13" on the wall facing the highway.
You better run." (214-15) Through scenes like the above, the novel also obliquely raises the historic connection, throughout California and the Southwest, of the gangster vato loco from the 1930s and '40s and his (and her) direct descendant, the cholola of the present street gangs, and the continued use of codeswitching (switching back and forth between Spanish and English depending on the cultural situation), loanwords, and calo, a historic and evolving Mexican American street dialect.
"She is amazing," the 34-yearold gushes, acknowedging that with his packed schedule his time at home with her will soon be over and he will have to get back to looking after his other baby, his Vatos Locos brand.
Eksperimentinio irenginio kanalo schema: 1--elektriniai kaitinimo elementai; 2--eksperimentinis kanalas; 3--matavimo ir papildomos deguonies tiekimo atvamzdziai; 4--stiklo audinio termoizoliacines vatos sluoksnis; 5--katalizatoriai; 6--eksperimentinio kanalo vamzdziu jungtis; 7--degimo produktu ismetimo vamzdis; 8--degimo produktu tiekimo linija
Henceforth, women like the battered wife in his hotel will no longer seem like political clients; Brown perceives the violence directed toward them as merely internecine, as opposed to the more authentic violence that the vatos locos direct toward the police and other outsiders.
History was sacred to him, and the gang members, the vatos, were all about today, the satisfactions of the desire of the moment, be it for beer or drugs or rowdiness.
The Walking Dead makes this point vividly in the episode titled 'Vatos', in which protagonist Rick Grimes encounters a group of survivors who have taken refuge in a nursing home, where they are caring for elderly survivors.
As The Walking Dead TV series made clear in an episode entitled "Vatos" (1.4), featuring a Latino "gang" whose bluster hides the fact that they are caring for the elderly in abandoned nursing home, life after the zombie apocalypse does not mark a radical break for everyone.
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