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VATUVirtual Assistive Technology University
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fridge/freezer, Michael now owed George some 100,000 vatu (around
In April 2005, in conversation with Sean Dorney of ABC Radio, Selwyn Garu, then General Secretary of the Malvatumauri, Vanuatu's National Council of Chiefs, announced the revocation of a previous policy of a ceiling of 80,000 vatu (c.
Although the 'reasons adduced' in the 1992 hearing (decision of the Port Vila Court's civil division, 10 July 1992 in the Re the Nagol Jump, Assal & Vatu v.
The headman in the hamlet of the accused nevertheless agreed to pay a fine of one pig and 10,000 vatu (100 USD), in order to 'clean his face' in relation to the two families.
In 1990 red mats were priced at 30-60 vatu in Port Vila.
After assuming full responsibility for the rebellion throughout the trial, Stevens was given a 14 1/2 year prison sentence and a 220,000 Vatu fine.
At the 'mate to meet' event every dish, which was enough to feed a whole family, was sold for a hundred vatu, which is less than a kilo of rice in the store.