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VAUVirtual Assistance U
VAUValley Arts United (Washington)
VAUVolume Allocation Unit
VAUVehicular Adapter Unit
VAUVMS (Virtual Memory System) Audio Update (podcast)
VAUCarrier Special Squadron Air Early Warning (US Navy)
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In Parana, diatoms dominance was found for periphytic algae community, in 2002, in Salto do Vau, Mourao and Rosana reservoirs (FELISBERTO; RODRIGUES, 2005) in 2001, in Irai reservoir (CETTO et al.
3]tre, taking part in ballets performed at court, or co-ordinating the construction works for the Palace of Versailles with Hardouin-Mansart and Le Vau.
The vau in subsequent processes of summoning supernatural intervention is not required to formally conduct his rituals from the confines of the sacred men's house but can perform these rites from the confines of the village setting.
Paratype: Brazil, State of Minas Gerais, Grao-Mogol State Park, Trilha do Vau, right margin of Ribeirao do Inferno, terrestrial on sandy-rocky quartzite soil of Campos Rupestres, 16[degrees]34'77"S, 42[degrees]53'47"W, 745 m elev.
ALGARVE: Thomas Cook (0845 070 2530) offers seven nights' selfcatering in four star apartments in Praia do Vau from pounds 164 (four sharing), ex-Gatwick Mar 2.
Ne si puo non ricordare che proprio questo stesso adynaton Dante aveva gia riscritto, facendo si che il suo Arnaut affinasse la propria hybris poetica nel fuoco purgatoriale di un'espiazione specificamente visionaria: "Ieu sui Arnaut, que plor e vau cantan; / consiros vei la passada folor, / e vei jausen lo joi qu'esper, denan.
By far the grandest and most elegant of these personal zoological gardens was Le Salon de la Menagerie, designed by the French architect Louis Le Vau in 1662 as a decorative addition to the gardens of Louis XIV's Versailles Palace.
The beautiful Praia do Vau beach is just a stone's throw from the Pestana Delfim, however, and provides several cafes to enjoy a snack with a sea view.
The pudding requires the supremely decadent Bortoli Liqueur Muscat, and for cheese and nuts, a Single Quinta Port with plenty of bottle age, such as the velvety-smooth Quinta do Vau 1988 by Sandemans.
Many are eager to become successful business owners, says Jordan, who founded VAU in 2000 to serve a growing need for comprehensive, online training for those desiring to launch VA practices.
The numeral-signs are the 24 familiar letters of the Greek alphabet, plus three archaic or foreign signs called episemons: vau or digamma (6), qoppa (90) and san or sampi (900).