VAULVHDL (VHSIC (Very High-Speed Integrated Circuit) Hardware Description Language) Analyzer and Utility Library (software)
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The northern distribution has also been strengthened -- re-analysis of old collections by the writer has uncovered new doorknob spearbutt moulds from Traprain Law, East Lothian and Dun Mor Vaul, Tiree, while similar moulds were recently discovered at Mine Howe, Orkney.
In the article "How Utilities Can Revitalize Industry," Diane De Vaul and Charles Bartsch highlight a key role utilities could play in revitalizing the nation's industrial sector.
For instance, the early reports of Dun Carloway (Tabraham 1976) can be compared to the ladder-like effects at Dun Troddan (Curie 1921) and Mousa (Hamilton 1970; Fojut 1982) and the lack of any such space at Dun Mor Vaul (MacKie 1974).
Subs (not used): Masade, Rogers, Vauls, Whitehouse, Goodhead.
Stoke (4-5-1): Tom Harrison; Salif Diao, Ashley Page, Rodney McDonald, Richard Vauls (116 mins, Laton Wint); Tom Urwin, Ryan Connor, Andtrew Nicholls, Louis Moult, Adam Vickers; Warwick Alexander (109 mins, Danny Stockhall).
Three years ago Vergie Pope and Shirley Vauls of Columbia, Maryland, called on fellow church members to form the Nia Investment Club.
Ballymena are without injured quartet James Costello, Alan Davidson, Jordan Baker and Richard Vauls.
ACOWDENBEATH boss Jimmy Nicholl has freed former Scotland striker Stevie Crawford, keeper David Hay, Lee Makel, John Dempster and Richard Vauls.
A minute later Lyle was denied after a Brian Graham cut-back set him up seven yards out only for Richie Vauls to hurtle in and deflect the ball superbly for a corner.
SNAP: Dean Stott and Fabrice Kasiama tangle Report: PAGE 10 TOO LATE: Hyde's RIchard Holsgrove denies Stafford's Richard Vauls
Newcastle equalised 12 minutes later when Ryan Donaldson hammered home from point-blank range after full-back Richard Vauls blocked a Jeff Henderson header on the line.
BALLYMENA U: Nelson; Vauls, Munster, Taylor, Ruddy; Stewart, Jenkins, Cushley, Taggart, Davidson; Costello (Baker 46, Price 85).