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VAULTVisual Art Using Local Talent (Springfield, VT)
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When you are at meets without the benefit of slow-motion video, you have to try to pay close attention to the motion of the vault, without worrying quite as much about whether the vaulter clears or misses.
To be honest with you, the pole vault is not an event we emphasize as much because we don't have it in the league.
PrivateVault with the new Vault Inbox service is now available.
Suggesting one type of cargo, Rome says that brief strands of vault RNA may serve as attachment sites for mRNA, which the vaults would then ferry around the cell.
Based on its patented Vaulting Technology[R], Cyber-Ark's digital vault products include: The Inter-Business Vault[R], a secure infrastructure for cross-enterprise data exchange of highly-sensitive information; the Sensitive Document Vault[TM], for secure storage and management of highly-sensitive documents, and the Enterprise Password Vault[TM], for the secure management of administrative, emergency and privileged user passwords.
Phase 3 is an educational program that will be a trouble-shooting program for the pole vault.
The pole vault, which originated in 19th-century Europe where men used poles to cross canals, is a particularly difficult sport to learn because of the equipment required to practice and the technical training needed to begin, Sprague said.
It therefore follows that even if the athlete wore a helmet during a technically correct vault and landing, he would still be vulnerable to a major catastrophic injury Since virtually every vault ends in the landing mat, the risk of wearing a helmet places the vaulter at an increased level of danger during properly executed vaults.
There have been no precise measurements of the vapors in the vault but state officials confirmed that volatile gasses are seeping into it.
Building on top of the robust foundations and success of previous Enterprise Password Vault releases, key new features of Enterprise Password Vault 4.
New pole vault regulations have been implemented for the 2002-2003 indoor and outdoor tracks seasons.
And the third concern was a cost factor because poles and pits are expensive and we were coming into an era when girls were starting to vault.