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De Vaus (2002) explains that "the focus of belief questions is on establishing what people think is true rather than on the accuracy of their beliefs," while "attitude questions try to establish what they think is desirable" (p.
Following the October attack at the Tree of Life synagogue complex in Pittsburgh, Vaus and the San Diego County Sheriff's Department met with Jewish leaders at Chabad of Poway to discuss best practices for an active shooter situation, the mayor said.
Por tanto, ambas pueden ser consideradas para conformar las variables compuestas (De Vaus, 2004).
Multicollinearity problem exist when the coefficient correlation between two variables is greater than 0.8 (Field, 2013) Normality test tests based on Kolmogrov-Smirnov (K-S) test is also conducted with significance level of less than 0.05 indicates that the distribution of the data is not normal (De Vaus, 2002).
His great-great-grandma and family matriarch Beryl Vaus, 86, was one of four sisters, and had three daughters.
Will Vaus commends Lewis to Christian artists in the 21st century.
Moreover, cross-sectional research design enables the use of qualitative and quantitative data (Vaus, 2001).
While it is common for researchers to apply inferential statistics to non-probability samples, such an approach is strictly invalid, as it is not possible to calculate sampling error on non-random samples (see Blair et al., 2013; Hussey, 2010; de Vaus, 2002).
This correlation is not considered a major concern because it is not excessively strong, i.e., not more than 50% (Vaus 2002).
(58) Conversely, the grammar prepared by John Vaus for schoolboys in Aberdeen cites Livy on only one occasion.
As study population is considered a small population of 5300 employees in number, the needed sampling size is 357 (De Vaus, 2013).