VAVEAverage Voltage
VAVEValue Analysis Value Engineering
VAVEValue-Added Value Engineering
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Not just Foxx, Vave also broke her silence about the dating rumours.
The 51-year-old Oscar-winning actor is said to have recently broken up with Holmes, after six years of dating, after photos emerged of him holding hands with 21-year-old singer Sela Vave.
Discriminant validity was evaluated by comparing the values of the VAVE with the square of the correlation between the factors (Table 5).
With respect to the problem of VAVE controller as a bottleneck, ident++ [16] protocol can be used to reduce the load of controller, which would allocate tasks such as security authentication and policy updates to forwarding devices and hosts.
And it's worth noting that one Newcastle United player received a vote from Solomon Islands' Matai Vave, though it wasn't Alan Shearer.
An example of this is a concept the company calls VAVE or Value Analysis, Value Engineering.
Several divisions went through three-day value-analysis, value-engineering (VAVE) meetings with subs and suppliers last year.
[USA], Aug 25 (ANI): After parting ways with actress Katie Holmes, actor Jamie Foxx has been spending time with British Singer Sela Vave. Foxx can't stop raving about her and he's telling his close friends, "She's the next Beyonce."
Subs (from): B Finch, J Ryles, S Vave, L Setu, K Bromwich, J Moors.
Pakadzoka vakuwasha vake rimwezve zuva vasina chavakabata vave nenzara varonga kuzodya vakadzi vavo natsano iye akasanovaona vachiri kure.