VAVSVeterans Affairs Voluntary Service
VAVSValue Added Voice Services (phone service feature)
VAVSVeterans Administration Volunteer Services
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Dolezal is also VAVS NAC Executive Committee vice chair.
Water and Sewerage Authority (VAV) is also underway to establish an integrated business management system (AKVA) where performance management, quality management, risk management and internal control system should be integrated.
VAV wishes to the extent it is possible to base measures opinions on specific diagnoses of the condition.
"Each year some 80,000 volunteers serve veterans through the VAVS program.
The VAVS Workshop focused on DAV volunteer initiatives, including the Local Volunteer Assistance Program.
But as a VAVS volunteer, he works in the offices of the Visual Impairment Services Team as well as Consumers' Affairs, and he supervises the Blinded Veterans Association Office.
Through our participation with the Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Services (VAVS) program and the DAV Transportation Network, our members serve their fellow disabled veterans in a variety of helpful and valued ways.
Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) representatives and other volunteers serve in Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals.
The Seal award annually honors the remarkable DAV and Auxiliary volunteers who serve hospitalized veterans and their families through the VA Voluntary Service (VAVS) program.
The Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) Program is unfailing in its mission to honor veterans for their legacy of service and sacrifice.
In another example, Hunan University implemented diagnostics on 1,186 VAVs in the 317,361 sq.
[27.] Melo A, Costa MJ, Garcia MV, Filha VAVS, Biaggio EPV.