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VAWViolence Against Women
VAWViolence at Work
VAWCarrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (US Navy)
VAWVon Amts Wegen (German: Officially)
VAWVariable Wavelength
VAWCarrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in 1948 and from 1956 to date)
VAWVoice of Afghan Women
VAWVardø, Norway - Svartnes (Airport Code)
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Insufficient statistics and lack of data breakdowns by sex make it hard to establish significant comparisons and reliable calculations about VaW (United Nations, 1996).
We have quite a few good laws and policies that address VAC and VAW, and very importantly, they are implementable.
The ideal VAW "S curve" profile calculated for the target vehicle test case is shown in Figure 10.
This pioneer research series-conducted under "Take Back the Tech" campaign-examines the patterns of violence against women (VAW) in online spaces, its emotional, physical, and psychological impact on women, and the various redressal mechanisms and legislations that women can use against the perpetrators of VAW in digital spaces.
VAW Action Group chair Mwenya Chimba said: "When this new Bill was proposed, it was a ground-breaking law that was designed to challenge how the public sector in Wales dealt with the horrendous levels of violence against women we see.
This paper explores the use of language in the Women's Safety Strategy: A Policy Framework document (2002), which outlined the five-year Victorian State Government initiative to incorporate a public health approach in policies to reduce violence against women (VAW).
Violence against women (VAW) is universally identified as a barrier to legal, social, political, and economic equality for women, violating their rights and fundamental freedoms (UN, 1993).
Violence against women (VAW) remains a crucial factor undermining women's ability to enjoy fundamental freedoms (1) and represents both a serious violation of human rights and a major obstacle to overcoming inequality between women and men in all societies (1, 2).
VAW in the context of issues such as HIV/AIDS prevention and democracy
Aimed to support increasing public demand for services at the Violence Against Women (VAW) Unit at the Attorney General's Office in Kabul and provincial prosecutors' offices in Herat, Balkh, Kapisa and Parwan and provide material support to upcoming units in three more provinces.
Violence against women (VAW) is viewed as a continuum that includes various forms of violence in different areas and at all stages of life, from childhood to old age.