VAWCViolence against Women and Children (Rutgers School of Social Work; New Jersey)
VAWCVacuum Assisted Wound Closure (surgery)
VAWCVirginia American Water Company
VAWCVitis Amsterdamensis Wine Club (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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003-19 that aims to establish VAWC desk at the barangay hall and a launch protocol in handling VAWC cases in the said barangay.
Most of the cases were related to domestic violence, said Manager VAWC Sana Javed while giving briefing to Commissioner Multan Iftikhar Sahu, here on Saturday.
So, if the employee in one year is pregnant and gives birth, has a gynecological disease, is a solo parent and a victim of VAWC, and avails herself of the SIL, she will have a total of at least 187 paid working days for the year!
Government representatives promised they would begin to implement the law starting from Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Bahawalpur - using and restructuring existing shelter homes (Darul Amans) to designate them as VAWCs instead of establishing new facilities as the most efficient and cost effective option with limited resources.
The decline in VAWC cases is attributed to stronger advocacy campaign by the Philippine National Police (PNP), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and private organizations.
She warned the VAWC Multan is on the verge of closure as it failed to protect women, those were the victims of persecution, due to lack of facilities and misuse of authority by officials concerned of the department.
Sufi went on to establish the first VAWC in Multan in 2017, which, just in a year, resolved over 2,200 cases of violence against women and is a model that gained international recognition for its ability to provide victims of violence the immediate support and justice they need.
As part of the project, they introduced VAWCs, for the first time in South Asia.
While stricter statutes like the anti-red tape law (Republic Act 8353), anti-VAWC law, and the Magna Carta for Women are already in effect, the authors proposed for the implementation of more preventive measures and programs to address not only VAWC issues, but also trafficking and harassment.
"Our aim through the VAWC initiative is to address issues such as low conviction rate for crimes involving Violence Against Women (VAW), disconnected evidence collection, a lack of sensitisation to gender-based violence issues, the passing of moral judgments and absenteeism of relevant personnel.
Comprising a shelter home for affected victims, the VAWC will promote gender equality in the region and will protect women from physical, emotional and psychological abuse.
Patients treated by the conventional technique had the wound packed with gauze; a vacuum-assisted wound closure (VAWC) was applied when needed.[sup.10] Wound healing was managed by secondary intention or a split thickness skin graft (STSG) when healthy viable tissue and clinical status allowed.