VAWGVanuatu Association of Women Graduates
VAWGVulnerability Assessment Working Group
VAWGViolence against Women Grant (various locations)
VAWGVirginia Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
VAWGVertical Axis Wind Generator
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There is a widespread justification of marital violence and the level of VAWG in the state is the highest in the country.
Five independent projects were launched in Patna and Nawada districts, Bihar that addressed all three dimensions of prevention of VAWG.
Through the prism of current notions of masculinity, gender discrimination, it turned the focus of this group to address VAWG.
Attendees will gain transferable knowledge on engaging with men and boys about the VAWG agenda and hear from best practice examples on recognising high risk situations.
Guided by evidence, we will focus strategically on the most prevalent forms of VAWG in different regions, including sexual and gender-based violence and harmful practices; specific forms of domestic and family violence; femicide; trafficking in human beings; and economic (labour) exploitation.
The Spotlight Initiative provides a unique and unprecedented opportunity for all of our partners to help us collectively step up our efforts to combat VAWG, promote gender equality and build a safer, fairer and more sustainable world for all.
of data on survivors of VAWG and domestic violence.
victims of sexual violence, criminalization of all forms of VAWG, and the lack of legal
The VAWG Strategy, published in March 2016, committed to launching a VAWG Service Transformation Fund as part of the 80 million pledged to support the governments commitment to tackling VAWG and ensuring victims and survivors get the support they need.
This evidence will improve policies, programming and expand investment to reduce the prevalence of VAWG and increase the number of women and girls receiving quality response services in at least ten DFID priority countries.
The government will publish a refreshed Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) strategy shortly, which will set out the whole package of support for victims and how it will deliver on the ambition to make awareness of VAWG everyones business across all agencies, professions and the wider public.
Baroness Verma, International Development Minister and new Ministerial Champion for Tackling VAWG Overseas, said: One in three women worldwide are beaten or go through sexual violence in their lifetime.