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VAWPValue Added Wood Product
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Respondents' impressions were mixed regarding the term "value-added wood products" (VAWPs).
Irrespective of the strategy or combination of strategies to improve market awareness and acceptance, respondents stated that the differences between CVAWPs and non-certified VAWPs with respect to environmental impacts need to be clearly conveyed.
DRC could be readily transformed into a medium-term measure by measuring the ratio of the wage bill or numbers employed to VAwp. The real problem with DRC, and why it was correct for HH to abandon its application to the problem at hand, lies its being a very poor indicator of resources (specifically capital employed) in these countries, as argued above.
Thus they use the ratio of VAwp to the value of gross output at world prices (GOwp) as their measure of short-run profit rate and thus competitiveness(3) (and as the basis for calculating their other measures).