VAWTVertical-Axis Wind Turbine
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The output power from VAWT is usually lower and in ranges from hundreds of W to units of kW.
While most of the VAWT 2 turbines will be installed within the Tianjin Economic Development Area, where products trials have recently ended, a number of suitable sites have been identified within greater Tianjin.
The new fixed 3-blade VAWT is silent, stable in all wind speeds, omni-directional (not hindered by cross winds), aesthetically well designed, bird friendly, and modular, representing what the company describes as "an efficient and economical source of clean energy, and built to last a lifetime.
Negotiations with several large-scale buyers are at a promising stage and our installation of VAWT 2s in Tianjin gives potential customers a chance to see for themselves just how cost effective and unobtrusive our wind turbines can be," said Warner.
SEI is in the process of commercializing its VAWT product line for manufacturing and distribution into one of the fastest growing segments of the global energy marketplace.
Our OEM partners will be ready to meet an anticipated surge in demand for VAWT wind turbines in 2011 and beyond," disclosed Warner.
The Company will operate SEI as a wholly owned subsidiary and support its efforts to commercialize its patented VAWT technology for which it expects to raise additional growth capital.
VAWT Systems, LLC, has invented, engineered, and begun producing a revolutionary line of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG's) specifically designed for the Renewable Energy market.
Pending completion of financing for WHI's UK subsidiary, WHI expects to begin its site preparation of its VAWT for Scottish Electric Power in September 2011 with plans for four installations to follow shortly thereafter.
Helix's patent-pending, Savonious rotor-based S322 (2kW) is a good example of a VAWT designed for operation under the most punishing of conditions (up to 100 mph).
to distribute its incredibly advanced 2nd generation 4kW vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT), the first in a line which will include several other sizes, including a 1kW VAWT available this fall.