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VAXValue Added Exchange
VAXVirtual Access Extended
VAXVoip Active X
VAXVirtual Address Extension
VAXVietnamese American Xposure (TV show)
VAXViolate All Executions (assembly language)
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The Navatar VAX Rating gives advisors and staff a simple but effective way to capture and manage the real world, real-time anxiety levels of each client.
The innovative and flexible design of the Maxiva VAX transmitter allowed it to be fitted with an integral IP/EDI input card, which is unique to the Harris Broadcast solution.
VAX 1 is high yielding, widely adapted, and possesses indeterminate prostrate Type III growth habit.
We can easily create or change a label format on a PC and then transfer it to the VAX.
The VAX also generates customized reports for each job every hour, retrieving 75 parameters from the machine controller.
The Alpha AXP architecture was designed for high performance but also with software migration from the VAX to the Alpha AXP architecture in mind.
They retained their VAX computers for processing and collecting the data for Global Report while also keeping the 3270 BSC as the communications interface to the network.
Prices for Inmagic for VAX and Micro VAX range from $3,850 to $21,500.
Various means of allowing Mac users to continue communicating with the VAX for those applications still centralized were evaluated.
Various faster devices for controlling the flow of data can be used to bypass the VAX computer, he says, and memory chips that hold more data can be substituted for those now in place.
A square metre of carpet in a typical student house contains two and a half kilos of grime - 30 times more than the average pub carpet, a survey for VAX vacuums found.
All these software applications come together on a client/server computing network built around the DEC VAX and IBM-compatible PCs running software called Reflection 2, which allows the PCs to emulate a minicomputer terminal.