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Vayn, former ATN CEO, remains chairman of the board and will focus on developing advanced products and promoting new technologies in the electro/digital optics industry.
In Armenian, bagin was used interchangeably with other terms for temple (for instance mehean) and was also frequently found merely with the meaning "altar." (96) In Bactrian and Sogdian, *Bayen and vayn (Byn-) never carry any negative connotations and are never juxtaposed with other forms of sanctuaries.
N.'s line "as myche in vayn as [thorn]e mountaunce of a frounce of a kerchef" differs from the Middle French "autant de viude com[m]e estre en vain le ploy d[']un petit meulequin" is that the English has no direct counterpart to the French word viude or Latin vacuum, "lack, shortcoming." Clare Kirchberger transposed this line from Middle English to modern in 1927, "if he [Christ] had found in you as much vanity as the quantity of a wrinkle in a kerchief, of necessity he had never made of you his mother." (39) Yet M.
in heuen, in payn, in vayn; or noun preceded by a determiner, e.g.
(22) The Wycliffite writer outlined the principle at length in a sermon of the Gospel text of Luke 10:16, "Qui vos audit, me audit," about which he declared, "This gospel tellith a lore of Crist, how he tauete his disciples to holde hem in mekenesse and to flee vayn glorie that is fendis sinne," before using the Fall of Satan to demonstrate that the physics of storm was intimately linked to the punishment of pride (Select English Works of John Wyclif, ed.
Pembrok expects to be chamberlain, and Villars a baron, and Master of the hors, what other chipps be gathered from the fall of this great oake, I know not, every bird of them will carry sum straw, or other to his nest, or els have they laboured in vayn.(23)
Even in the last year of his life Burton continued to arouse hostility when a John Parkyns in January 1537 wrote to Cromwell concerning the |ij vayn gloryus abbottes of Osseny and Evynsam [Eynsham]', accusing them of making unlawful assembly and showing disrespect to the King's commission; it is fair to add that the first of these documents has an endorsement describing Parkyns as |A fole of Oxford or thereaboutes'.(9)
"The derivatives business is key for us as we broaden our product range and seek to secure our place in the top ranks of the Russian equity and derivatives broker market," said Igor Vayn, head of capital markets at Otkritie.