VB1First Voided Urine
VB1Valuable Book 1
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Specimens were acquired in the shape of: (1) the VB1 (first voided urine) that is approximately 10 ml and is used to provide information about urethral colonization, (2) the VB2 (midstream urine) that is used for middle and late sampling, (3) the EPS that expresses prostate secretion, and (4) the VB3 that is the first 10 ml of urine obtained after a prostate massage.
Together with the sensor positions (Table 1) this allows for an estimate of the volumetric flow rate and the corresponding velocities at the damper and in the pipes VB2, MV2 and VB1 as follows.
VB1 aged faster than VB2, and its aging was more influenced by rejuvenators.
* IF (skill's score [member of] [5, 6[) then he allots half of bonus1 to the learner (reduction in the validation score of a value of (vb1)/2),
The Broiler 1% premix supplied the following amount of vitamins and trace elements of nutritional requirements (per kg of feed):Mn 90 mg; Zn 50 mg; Fe 90 mg; Cu 10 mg; I 0.4 mg; Se 0.2 mg; VA 5000IU; VD3 500 IU; VE 10 IU; VK 0.5 mg; VB1 1.5 mg; VB2 6.0 mg; panthothenic acid 12mg; niacin 35 mg; VB6 6.0mg; folic acid 0.8 mg; VB12 0.01 mg; biotin 0.18 mg.
Lignans mixture EVn-50 and its purified lignan compound VB1 extracted from seeds of Vitex negundo, a widely used herb in China, were provided by Dr.
Premix compound: Each kilogram contained: VA 7 000 III; VD3, 2 500 111; VE, 30 mg; of VK3 1 mg; VB1 1.5 mg; VB2, 4mg; VB6, 2 mg; VB12, 0.02 mg; niacin, 30 mg; folic acid, 0.55 mg; pantothenic acid,10 mg; biotin, 0.16 mg; choline chloride, 400 mg; Cu 20, mg; Fe 70, mg; Mn, 100 mg; Zn, 70mg; I, 0.4mg and Se,0.5 mg
Day 22-42: Mn 66 mg, Zn 44 mg, Cu 9 mg, Fe 50 mg, I 0.4 mg, Se 0.3 mg, [V.sub.A] 7,000 IU, [V.sub.D3] 875 IU, VE 20 IU, VK3 1 mg, VB1 2 mg, VB2 4.5 mg, D-calcium pantothenate 12 mg, [V.sub.B5] 50 mg, [V.sub.B6] 2.5 mg, [V.sub.B12] 0.6 mg.
The VB1 offers a modular connector/cable assembly to facilitate ease of wiring, while the BV1T is designed with a conventional screw terminal block.
Based on Vapormatt's well proven 'Vaporblast' wet blast cleaning technology, the Vaporblack process is carried out in a specially designed self-contained twinchamber machine, which is available in two sizes: the 'VB1', with two processing chambers each measuring 700mm x 700mm x 600mm and the 'VB3', with two 950mm x 700mm x 600mm chambers.