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VB3Post-prostatic massage urine
VB3Voiding Bottle 3
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This method necessitates collecting four specimens for bacterial culture: (1) the first 5-10 milliliters of my voided urine, or VB; (2) a so-called midstream sample of urine, or VB2; (3) a sampie of the expressed prostatic secretions (EPS); and (4) the first 5-10 milliliters of urine voided after prostatic massage, or VB3. "Most urologists don't get this compulsive," my doctor friend informed me.
Supply Voltages are Vdd = -Vss = 0.2 V and all the biasing voltages are grounded in this application (Vb1 = Vb2 = Vb3 = 0 V).
Copart provides vehicle sellers with a full range of re-marketing services; and remarkets the vehicles through Internet sales using its VB3 technology in the US, Canada, the UK, Brazil, Germany, the UAE, Oman and Bahrain, Spain, Ireland and India.
The firm's patented VB3 technology links sellers to more than 750,000 members across the globe through the company's multi-channel online platform.