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VBAVisual BASIC for Applications (Microsoft)
VBAVeterans Benefits Administration
VBAVisual Boy Advance (gaming)
VBAVirginia Bar Association (Richmond, Virginia)
VBAValue Based Management
VBAVirtual Backup Appliance
VBAVerein der Bibliothekare und Assistenten (Germany)
VBAVictorian Baseball Association (Australia)
VBAVermont Beekeepers Association
VBAVariable Balance Architecture
VBAVendor Buying Agreement
VBAVereniging Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer
VBAVulcan Bagger Association (motorcycle club)
VBAVeterans Benefits Act
VBAVermont Bar Association (Montpelier, VT)
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The rules are clear: if builders use these dangerous flammable products, theyll face disciplinary action from the VBA.
An Excel VBA class can be helpful, but it usually isn't enough by itself.
6) The VBA amendment to [section] 535(e) ends the ambiguity, unequivocally declaring that an early termination fee is not authorized for residential lease terminations under the SCRA.
The absorption spectrum of free VBA reveals the maximum absorption at 260 nm with a shoulder at 275 nm, which are assigned to the [pi]-[pi]* transitions of ketonic form and enol form of free VBA in THF, respectively.
Congress appropriated $120 million for VBA to implement the new system.
The VBA uses shadowing assignments and action learning assignments.
A total of $50,000 is available for VBA grants in 2003-04 with individual grants of up to $5,000.
Guided by the VBA code, Excel will analyze the data using three tests: first-digit, second-digit and first-two-digits.
The VBA processes over two million claims a year with more than one million resulting in a disability evaluation decision.
Accounting Office is claimed to be the first low-cost accounting package designed to integrate with Microsoft Excel, Word and other VBA -enabled applications.
Other topics include the nature of VBA and its relation to AutoCAD, AutoLISP, and Microsoft's Visual Basic; the VBA environment; object-oriented programming; the AutoCAD object model; interfacing with other automation servers; and VB versus VBA.