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VBACVaginal Birth After Cesarean (Section)
VBACView Based Access Control
VBACView-Based Access Control
VBACVector Bundles on Algebraic Curves
VBACVirbac Corporation (NASDAQ stock symbol)
VBACvenous blood alcohol concentration
VBACVirginia Beach Animal Control
VBACvinylbenzyl acetate
VBACVictorian Branch Abseiling Council (Australia)
VBACVeterinary Biologic Advisory Committee (USDA)
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Women with two prior low-transverse cesareans also are potential candidates for TOLAC, depending on other predictors of successful VBAC.
The outcome of delivery, success of TOLAC and outcome of VBAC were recorded.
Hence, we propose a hypothesis that the continuing midwifery care may increase the success rate of VBAC, when compared to the standard maternal care.
To learn more about VBAC and childbirth-related issues, contact the Women's Health Voice via email (healthquestions@nwhn.
These factors, together with medico-legal fears, have led to a recent decline in clinicians offering and women accepting planned VBAC in the UK and North America.
The rates of NTSV CD and VBAC in the publicly insured women did not change significantly during the study period--the NTSV CD rates were 15.
The purpose of our study was to assess the rates of CS and the potential and successful VBAC trials in a small secondary care hospital in Pakistan over a period of one year.
Conclusion: Maternal and fetal outcome is better in successful VBAC as compared to repeat emergency c/section.
Sue added: "Our clinic is not just about VBAC but helps us to provide additional support to women in many different circumstances.
Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) was supported by those trying to reduce CS rates, and in the USA over the last 30 years VBAC rates have swung considerably.
Below is the testimony of a woman whose successful VBAC, encouraged and supported by her doula, LaNette McQuitty, inspired her to write a powerful letter of thanks to LaNette: