VBASVon Braun Astronomical Society
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3% of the cases using the VBAS but even more significant was the average hospital stay of 8.
We have for some time had direct feedback from physicians that they believed using VBAS reduced the Operating Room time in any given procedure which is a large component of overall cost', said Peter Zachariou, CEO of Vycor.
This peer-reviewed study highlights the growing acceptance of VBAS in the international markets and its potential use with other minimally invasive devices," said Peter Zachariou, CEO of Vycor.
The article is the sixth VBAS study to be published this year, including one featured on the cover of the Journal of Neurosurgery.
Peter Zachariou, CEO of Vycor, commented: "The VBAS product line extension allows us to better address under-served neurosurgical needs in the market and is consistent with our stated objective of adding new product variations to our core VBAS product line.
Vycor will also showcase at its booth a finalized pre-manufacturing prototype of a set of four VBAS devices designed to be integrated with selected Image Guided Systems (IGS).
Though the Fund was made possible through Brown's bequest, it was her wish that it be called the VBAS Endowment Fund, another layer to her humble nature in making sure that animals would come first.
VBAS has received outstanding reviews from surgeons in the United States where it continues to gain traction with hospitals and neurosurgeons.
This regulatory approval has significant implications for surgeons and patients who will be able to benefit from the VBAS device in China as they have in the United States," says Dr.
While the study highlights several key advantages the VBAS has over previous designs of tubular retractors such as: the clear plastic material prevents electrical transmission and allows for better visualization.
The study highlights several important advantages of the VBAS versus traditional systems currently available, such as "its low profile," "tubular shape," and "transparent walls.