VBBVerkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg
VBBVery Broadband
VBBVehicle Black Box
VBBVereinigte Buehnen Bozen (German theater; Bolzano, Italy)
VBBVehicle Black Box (car security)
VBBValue-Based Billing (Crowell & Moring)
VBBVarsity Boys Basketball (various high schools)
VBBVirtual Bone Biopsy (bone science)
VBBVietnamese Blue Beauty (herpetoculture; rat snake)
VBBVolition Bulletin Board (Volition, Inc.)
VBBVan Bael and Bellis (Belgian Business Law Newsletter)
VBBVoltage Base Base
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Subway network: the subway network in the greater area of Berlin was downloaded from the official website of operator VBB (see above).
reported a case series of 66 children with VBB diagnosed on MRI in the German literature [9].
The scheme presented by VBB was three times cheaper than all other proposals.
Sin embargo, las relaciones de tensiones (VCb, VCc, VBc y VBb) para los indices horarios 2, 3 y 4 y los indices 8, 9 y 10 son iguales.
Autocop, Micro VBB, Xenos & Viper are popular brands with a range of products on offer.
Da idea de ensayo real Ensayo del Interfase grafica Muy buena visualizacion fototransistor con de las caracteristicas variacion de de salida temperatura Diseno del ensayo No varian en forma significativa las curvas a distintas temperaturas Ensayo del transistor de Interfase grafica Muy buena visualizacion efecto de campo de de las caracteristicas juntura completo con de salida variacion de Se aprecian claramente temperatura las distintas zonas Diseno del ensayo No varian en forma significativa las curvas a distintas temperaturas Categoria Dimensiones Sugerencias Ensayos del transistor Interfase grafica bipolar en conexion emisor comun a Agregar mas distintas temperaturas opciones para Vbb y eliminar la opcion de visualizacion de la recta de carga.
To produce an infrastructure or a virtual backbone (VBB) that is QoS-aware for MANETs' environs, a topology control process is needed [2][5].
Water inflows in the quarry (VC, VP3, VBA, and VBB) and in the karst conduits (VS, VB, and VR) were collected and analysed seasonally by means of chemical-physical laboratory tests.
* An internal charge pump supply that will double or triple VBB to insure proper gate drive voltage for the high and low side DMOS.
The new products reportedly feature: receive equalization (Rx EQ) and transmit pre-emphasis to improve signal integrity; impendent pre-emphasis control, allowing designers to tune outputs according to different trace or cable lengths; low power at 600mW; external control of Vbb; as well as low jitter performance (30 picoseconds) at 4.25Gb/s.
Swedish consulting group SWECO said on Monday (2 July) that its unit SWECO VBB has, together with the Dutch group Grontmij, won a major consulting contract in connection with the City Line rail project in Stockholm, Sweden.