VBBoVerordnung Über Belastungen des Bodens (German: Over Regulation Loads of Soil)
VBBoVereniging Bedrijven Breda-Oost (Dutch: Breda East Business Association; Netherlands)
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oM BEIRA Vbbo BEIRA-RIO (CAPACITY 48,849 LOCATED on the banks of the River Guaiba, the Estadio Beira-Rio is the home of clubs Internacional and Gremio.
Table 1: Checklist of Components Identified in Pens A-J PEN CV VBB VBBO VBR Guan CuPh A Y Y Y(1) Y B Y Y Y(2) Y C Y Y(1) Y D Y Y E Y Y F Y Y(5) Y G Y Y(2) Y H Y I Y Y J Y CV = Crystal Violet; VBB = Victoria Blue B; VBBO = Victoria Pure Blue BO; VBR = Victoria Blue R; Guan = Ditolylguanidine and related diarylguanidine structures (number of peaks detected in parenthesis); CuPh = sulfonated Copper Phthalocyanine pigment