VBBSVirtual Bulletin Board System
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However, many of the same respondents highlighted that they do not have the platforms required to support these initiatives, as 41 percent indicated that they don't have the technology needed for ACOs, 34 percent for P4P, and 47 percent for VBBs.
That is, if the QoS-VBB is disconnected in any of its parts, it must be repaired and fixed in order to resume the VBB connectivity.
Our QoS-VBB has the following advantages: 1- It is fully localized (no spanning tree is needed and VBB maintenance is simple and done locally); 2- The nodes that are in charge of routing are the most stable nodes in their domains; 3- The maximum bandwidth path between any two nodes in the graph runs over the QoS-VBB; 4- The number of hops of the best path over the QoS-VBB is at most 3 times the number of hops of the best path; 5- The number of nodes in the MIS are relatively small (within 5 of the minimum MIS); 6- Both of the message complexity and time complexity are O(m), where m = [absolute value of V].