VBCPSVirginia Beach City Public Schools (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
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This past year, there were 5,802 industry credentials earned by VBCPS students and more than 37,000 since 2002.
The VBCPS STEM Robotics Challenge (SRC) is offered to students in grades 5-12 as an after-school STEM program that encompasses nearly all of VBCPS's required 21st-century skills: critical thinking, creative/innovative thinking, problem solving, information literacy, listening, collaboration, communication, social responsibility, sustainability, interdependence and health literacy.
Students and teachers in VBCPS schools are becoming more connected to STEM through BYOD.
In October 2011, VBCPS was awarded a grant from Opportunity Inc.
8) As shown in the next section, the focus in VBCPS has been to employ strategies that heighten students' engagement by linking real-world instruction to credentials, and making them fully aware of the opportunities that credentials represent.
credentials) is a strategy for dropout prevention--a strategy that VBCPS uses effectively.
The VBCPS Education Foundation page includes an online catalog of artwork done by district teachers, that is for sale to benefit the foundation.
In 2005, the VBCPS Office of Career and Technical Education, in cooperation with and receiving financial support from Opportunity Inc.
These skills are currently taught in all CTE classrooms statewide based on a curriculum written by VBCPS staff.
As with the original Virginia 13 Workplace Readiness Skills, VBCPS is ready to create and implement the new sustainability curriculum.
VBCPS reserves the right to purchase items from other sources and contracts if so desired.