VBCSVero Beach Choral Society (Vero Beach, FL)
VBCSVignette Business Collaboration Server
VBCSVoluntary Building Classification Scheme (Hong Kong)
VBCSValparaiso Broadband Communication Systems (Florida)
VBCSVolume-Based Charging Scheme
VBCSVacuum Blood Collection System
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AMCP will advocate for a new safe harbor for VBCs that covers services such as wrap-around patient services.
This becomes a problem if a contract includes a large discount or refund for treatment failure, as that discounted price could set a new lowest "best price." AMCP again will advocate for solutions on this issue, including through calls for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to create an exception from the Medicaid Best Price rule for VBCs.
Virtual business communities (VBC) are virtual networks of people who share common interests and comprise online software platforms that enables the fast exchange of information, collaboration and business interactions.
The Italian Army was poised to award a production contract for a first batch of about 50 8 x 8 Centauro Veicoli Blindati da Combattimento (VBC) armoured combat vehicles as Armada went to press.
Thus, if the VBCs' estimates of the number of calls they received on the old-style letter are correct, they received 1.5 calls for each letter (1128 divided by 750 letters sent that year).
For mild aggression cases, I'd consider professionals with one of the following credentials (and of course, experience and interest in aggression cases): CBCC-KA, JDA, KPA, PMCT, PPG, or VBC.