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VBDVariable Belt Density (motorcycle tire construction)
VBDValue Based Drafting (fantasy football)
VBDVoiceband Data
VBDVirtual Bus Driver
VBDVitus Bering Denmark (est. 2001)
VBDVisual Branch Display
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PVA members can look forward to an expansion of services provided by VBD with the addition of these four skilled and dedicated professionals.
VBD experimented with the format of this seminar by conducting three separate break-out sessions simultaneously.
KPI commenced development of VBD in the early 1980s and since that time has been granted numerous patents in North America, Western Europe and Japan.
VBD is now made up of four interlocking sections that form the intricate network necessary for unparalleled representation to PVA members, other veterans, dependents, beneficiaries, and survivors nationwide--a total of more than 88,000 individuals.
A certificate of completion is also provided to each graduate; whenever feasible, the certificates are awarded on location at one of the annual VBD training seminars.
In comparison with desiccant dryers, the VBD vacuum dryer consumes 60 per cent less energy, dries resin in one-sixth of the time and substantially reduces the heat history to which polymer is exposed.
A more recent PVA program that falls under VBD supervision is the Vocational Rehabilitation Program (see "Telecommuting: Options & Promise," March 2011).
The primary endpoint was the rate of agreement (concordance) between Lymphoseek and VBD, which was defined as the proportion of lymph nodes identified by VBD that were also identified by Lymphoseek.
The VBD vacuum dryer uses gravity to move material through three vertically arranged vessels, with the discharge of material from one vessel to the next controlled by slide-gate valves.