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VBDCVillas at Beaver Dam Creek (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
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The outbreak investigation and response were implemented according to the guidelines of the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) by the VBDC 6.4 Trat as the first responder, belonging to the Office of Disease Prevention and Control (ODPC) 6 Chonburi.
Prior to the study, Anopheles larval surveys were carried out, based on the initial assessment of potential density of Anopheles larval breeding sites within Khlong Khak MRP ecotope, in assistance of the entomological survey teams of the VBDU 6.4.4 Bo Rai and the VBDC 6.4 Trat.
Abbreviations ANOVA: Analysis of variance BT: Bifenthrin DEL: Deltamethrin IRS: Indoor residual spraying ITNs: Insecticide-treated nets LLINs: Long-lasting insecticidal nets MRP: Malaria-associated rubber plantations NMCP: National malaria control program ODPC: Office of disease prevention and control UTM: Universal transverse mercator VBDC: Vector-borne disease control center WHO: World Health Organization.