VBFVietnam Business Forum
VBFVital Business Function (ITIL Availability Management Term)
VBFVeterinary Benevolent Fund (UK;established 1897)
VBFVirtual Boyfriend
VBFVery Best Friend
VBFBombing Fighting Squadron (Navy unit designation used from 1945 to 1946)
VBFNavy Bomber-Fighter Squadron (US Navy)
VBFNavy Bombing-Fighting Aircraft (US Navy)
VBFVikingland Band Festival (Alexandria, MN)
VBFVehicle Base Facility
VBFVlaamse Bergsportfederatie (Belgium)
VBFVinegar Brewers' Federation (London, UK)
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(2011) Improving VBF Protocol by Using a Nature-Inspired Algorithm in Underwater Sensor Networks (UWSNs).
The VBF is an opportunistic geographical location information routing protocol based on mobility and does not require the state information of the sensor nodes.
(a) Height Sample VBF (no./[mm.sup.2]) FL ([micro]m) Base Internode 3.32 [+ or -] 3.22 A 1,809.90 [+ or -] 62.33 A Node 3.01 [+ or -] 2.84 A 1,382.62 [+ or -] 118.63 B Middle Internode 4.84 [+ or -] 4.54 A 1.848.00 [+ or -] 154.15 A Node 4.42 [+ or -] 3.81 A 1,417.04 [+ or -] 124.77 B Top Internode 6.97 [+ or -] 5.40 A 1,617.04 [+ or -] 167.52 A Node 5.63 [+ or -] 4.92 A 1.362.16 [+ or -] 106.62 B Height Sample PLD ([micro]m) Base Internode 23.43 [+ or -] 1.82 A Node 30.92 [+ or -] 2.67 B Middle Internode 22.41 [+ or -] 1.91 A Node 28.70 [+ or -] 2.65 B Top Internode 19.07 [+ or -] 1.88 A Node 23.98 [+ or -] 2.23 B (a) Values are means [+ or -] standard deviations.
Comparation with NCRP and VBF. NCRP is a crosslayer routing protocol based on network coding (NCRP) for UWSNs, which utilizes network coding and cross-layer design to greedily forward data packets to sink nodes efficiently [27].
We also study contributions coming from the gluon-gluon fusion (ggF), photon-proton interactions, and Vector Boson Fusion (VBF) processes to produce the RHNs at the LHC and beyond.
Smart Dentin Replacement (SDR; Dentsply DeTrey GmbH), Venus Bulk Fill (VBF; Heraeus Kulzer GmbH, Hanau, Germany), X-tra base (XB; Voco GmbH) and X-Flow (XF; Dentsply DeTrey GmbH) were in the group of low-viscosity composite materials.
In [32], because the high probability of errors is a major issue for dense networks, the authors proposed a position-based routing method called VBF to deal with this problem.
Obviously, flooding-based routing protocols such as vector-based flooding protocol (VBF) [8] could avoid unnecessary transmissions not towards the sink, using geographical information [16].
Thanks to Merck's teamwork, innovation and planning, they have been named the 2012 Facility of the Year Award winner for their Vaccine Bulk Manufacturing Facility (VBF) Program of Projects, which is located in Durham, North Carolina.