VBFVietnam Business Forum
VBFVital Business Function (ITIL Availability Management Term)
VBFVeterinary Benevolent Fund (UK;established 1897)
VBFVirtual Boyfriend
VBFVery Best Friend
VBFBombing Fighting Squadron (Navy unit designation used from 1945 to 1946)
VBFNavy Bomber-Fighter Squadron (US Navy)
VBFNavy Bombing-Fighting Aircraft (US Navy)
VBFVikingland Band Festival (Alexandria, MN)
VBFVehicle Base Facility
VBFVlaamse Bergsportfederatie (Belgium)
VBFVinegar Brewers' Federation (London, UK)
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XB with 61% filler volume had the highest microhardness values, followed by SDR, XF and VBF, with filler volume percentages of 45%, 38% and 38%, respectively(30-32).
Even though XF and VBF have the same amount of filler, significantly lower microhardness of VBF compared to XF was demonstrated.
The GSO, XF and VBF showed lower microhardness at the surface than at 2 mm.
Doss said VBF officials believe there is more security in MyChurch.
VBF raises money all year to actually pay for the hotels and meals for families to attend the conference.
Through the efforts of VBF, more than 40,000 individuals have been networked into treatment to date.
Shannon, VBF has provided ever critical support in various ways to families and has been a much needed conduit of information to the public.
Programs include Babies with Birthmarks, Orphans with Birthmarks, and VBF Day of Awareness.