VBFPWVillage-Based Family Planning Worker (Pakistan)
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A 10% increase in contraceptive prevalence rate was reported in another study just 16 to 18 months after VBFPW introduction.
If budget permits, it will be advisable to create a cadre of village male family planning worker on the lines of VBFPW. Such efforts are certainly going to bear fruit.
At the grass root level both VBFPWs and community based lady health workers are providing health as well as family planning services.
The major mode of service delivery to increase the rural coverage is the Village-based Family Planning Worker (VBFPW) scheme that would offer FP services to approximately 12000 villages.
Page-2, Para-l: The Village-based Family Planning Workers (VBFPW) scheme is in the villages with a population of 2000 or above.