VBGFVästerbergslagens Geologiska Förening
VBGFVon Bertalanffy Growth Function
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The model VBGF with seasonal oscillation through nonlinear fitting explained more than 96% of the variance in females and more than 97% in males of N.
To further check for differences we added the aged fish to the VBGF data from Bahia de Los Angeles to see if it changed the parameters to any extent that could be considered significant.
The VBGF parameters, estimated by ELEFAN for each sex, are summarized in Table 3.
Here, we discuss the major explanations for the patterns we observed through the use of prevailing ecological theories, and we consider the effects of our revised estimates of parameters for the VBGF on studies of life history.
mercenaria population has the lowest VBGF growth constant (K = 0.
It is now commonly put into practice to partially reparameterize the VBGF parameters to avoid their covariation and to ensure statistical accuracy (Quinn and Deriso, 1999).
The different subroutines of ELEFAN (K-scan, response surface analysis) were used to identify the VBGF that best fits the monthly size-frequency data, using the Rn value as a criterion of fit.
Extraction locations were based on preliminary VBGF predictions, described below, and were chosen to span the initial rise of the [sup.
VBGF curves were fitted to the substituted length-at-age data sets by using nonlinear regression.