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VBIVerband Beratender Ingenieure (German: Association of Consulting Engineers)
VBIVirginia Bioinformatics Institute
VBIVertical Blanking Interval
VBIVerified by Intel
VBIVideo Blanking Interval
VBIVictory Briefs Institute (Los Angeles, CA)
VBIVertebrobasilar Ischemia (medical disorder)
VBIVisual Brand Identity (marketing)
VBIVital Basics, Inc. (Portland, ME)
VBIVirginia Bankshares Inc.
VBIVision-Based Interaction (human-computer interaction)
VBIVertebrobasilar Territory Ischemia
VBIVerify Bulk Input
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The customer deployed the MediaPlatform solution prior to the release of the VBI product and no issues were reported during their initial events.
Diaz-Mitoma back to VBI as a key addition to our management team," said Jeff Baxter, VBI's president-CEO, in a July 25 statement.
allowing members to redeem or withdraw units from the VBI Fund when it was illiquid in contravention of the Corporations Act and the scheme's constitution between 15 June 2013 to 9 September 2013; and failing to make adequate and timely enquiries in relation to van Eyks monitoring of the VBI Funds investment in Artefact between 18 February 2013 and 21 July 2014 (including not making adequate and timely enquiries as to why a full redemption from Artefact had not been paid between 1 January 2014 to 21 July 2014).
VBI has scheduled a special meeting for its stockholders on 5 May 2016.
In the process of query execution, VBI tree will detect all nodes and query region R intersecting, not only test contains the query region.
VBI has completed proof of concept studies on a number of vaccine and biologic targets that demonstrate the LPV Platform's ability to preserve potency under stress conditions.
For VBI, the AUC was also significantly higher than the AUC of VR (AUC [sub]VBI = 0.
VBI Vaccines - Brief VBI Vaccines overview including business description, key information and facts, and its locations and subsidiaries.
Unilateral hearing loss, attributable to VBI is not so frequent, estimated at approximately 20%, according to Yamasoba et al.
2,3 VBI could be used to account for transient ischemia attack (TIA) and the fluctuating nature of vertebrobasilar artery ischemia.
The project was carried out by the specialists of Russian Digia office together with Verint Systems Inc, Digia technology partner, and included Verint Nextiva VBI hardware-software video analytics platform implementation.