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VBIVertebrobasilar Ischemia (medical disorder)
VBIVital Basics, Inc. (Portland, ME)
VBIVirginia Bankshares Inc.
VBIVision-Based Interaction (human-computer interaction)
VBIVertebrobasilar Territory Ischemia
VBIVerify Bulk Input
VBIVertical Blanking Interval
VBIVictory Briefs Institute (Los Angeles, CA)
VBIVirginia Bioinformatics Institute
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Research at VBI, based in Blackburg, Virginia, focuses on biocomplexity, the study of increasingly complex systems composed of many agents.
VBI will bring to the combined company its proprietary eVLP and LPV platforms, a pipeline of vaccine candidates, strong immunology and biologics formulation expertise and an experienced board and management team.
The project was carried out by the specialists of Russian Digia office together with Verint Systems Inc, Digia technology partner, and included Verint Nextiva VBI hardware-software video analytics platform implementation.
Furthermore, in the absence of trauma, dizziness of VBI origin should be considered as vascular pathology,
Sberbank intends for the VBI acquisition to serve as a platform for its European banking business.
The VBI is also working on empowering women in social and health fields through organizing symposiums and courses in family planning and reproductive health.
In the US, VBI are responsible for lyme disease (LD), babesia, tularaemia, ehrlichiosis, plague, rickettsial infections and west nile virus (WNV) among others (2).
Project team leader and VBI Professor Brett Tyler said: "With the massive data set from the CLF now in hand, the data-analysis phase of the project will begin and is expected to take 18 months.
The OLSC has worked closely with VBI over the past three years and is proud to have supported VBI's investment attraction activities," said Ken Lawless, president and CEO of the OLSC.
Alex Craig, senior director of Bit10; David Grindrod, University of Warwick Science Park; Peter Corker, NAGTY and Malcolm Cutler, VBI
Guide Plus has so far licensed 80 local TV stations and the ABC Network to carry the VBI listings for easy programming.
Store Performance Management Nextiva VBI counts people with an accuracy rate that can be greater than 95 percent, even under varying light and heavy traffic conditions, a substantial improvement over traditional technologies.